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Esprit Rando                                                 Vers le site

Gilbert Schmitt, l'un des fondateurs de GSAB Aventures, dispose également de sa propre structure: Esprit Rando. Il vous propose toute l'année des randonnées découverte dans le massif des Vosges en France. Esprit Rando est un partenaire de longue date avec qui nous avons plaisir à collaborer.


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Joëlettes and Co                                              Vers la boutique

GSAB Aventures is the exclusive distributor for Switzerland of the products Joëlette and Co. Specializing in industrial subcontracting in tube work, Ferriol Matrat created the Joëlette and Co brand to promote its products specially adapted for people with reduced mobility.

Discover them: Joëlette, Joëlette twin, Electric Joëlette, Sofao, Pulka, Bi-ski...


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Spokes'n Motion                                               To the shop

They are specialists in sports equipment adapted to the world of disability. GSAB distributes some of their products in Switzerland and can supply all others to order.

Parmi eux: Mountain Trike, Bi-Unique, Free Wheel, Stabilisateurs superlight, Freedom Trax...


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 Canyoning products                                           To the shop

All year round we offer you special offers at unbeatable prices.   

Among other things: Vade Retro Suit, Raumer Moorings, Resurgence Bags, Waterproof Cans, Descenders...

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